Supplemental Rules

Dazed Characters

Characters who are hit in combat, but who succeed on their Strength roll to resist damage, are considered to be dazed.  A dazed character suffers a penalty of 1D to skill and attribute rolls until the end of their next action.  A character hit multiple times in this fashion can be dazed twice (or more), but they are not “affected” beyond that.  Being dazed does not count as being stunned, but it is cumulative with stunned results.  It also does not apply to brawling attacks where the defender’s Strength is double that of the attacker.

Force Powers

The Force powers of Lightsaber Combat and Combat Sense may not be used, but a Jedi may control a parried blaster bolt as a “reaction skill” (and as an additional action) per the Lightsaber Combat entry (p. 148).  A character actively using Danger Sense may add 3D to his Perception roll for initiative.

Force Skills

When computing half value of a Force skill, round the initial skill up to the nearest even full number (2D, 4D, etc.) before halving it.

Hull Rolls

Any involved characters aboard may use (up to five of) their own Character Points to affect their craft’s Hull roll, but only for defensive uses and maneuvers, and only one character may do so per round.


Any character may use a lightsaber as a melee weapon, using its normal damage rating of 5D. When a character with the control skill uses a lightsaber, he may add up to ½ of his control skill to the damage. In addition, whenever a character with the sense skill uses a lightsaber to parry an attack, he may add ½ of his sense skill to the total.

Personal armor is not very effective against lightsabers.  Each 1D of protection against physical attacks offers only 1 point of protection instead.  This does not apply to armor on vehicles or starships.

When a character attacking with a lightsaber gets a 1 on the Wild Die (or fails their lightsaber roll by 10 or more points), one option that the GM may use is to have the character lose his grip on his lightsaber. The weapon then lands 1D meters away in a random direction determined by the Grenade Deviation Diagram (p. 92), with the Direction of Throw being the angle that the character swung with his attack.  A character only injures himself when failing the lightsaber roll by 20 or more points.

In a lightsaber duel, when one character gets a 1 on the Wild Die and the other gets a 6, the one who rolled a 6 may forego rolling more dice and instead may press their advantage.  This may mean maneuvering their opponent onto a narrow bridge, tripping them or knocking them off-balance, or throwing sand into their eyes.  They may even opt to change the scene to an adjacent or nearby environment, affecting both combatants.

Movement during Combat

When combatants are moving, the following penalties apply:

Shooter is moving faster than Cruising speed: -1D

Target is moving faster than Cruising speed: -1D

In addition, if the target is moving exceptionally fast (often via a jet pack or rocket pack), the following numbers are added to the difficulty:
Target is moving 40-79 meters per round: +3
Target is moving 80-159 meters per round: +6
Target is moving 160 meters or more per round: +9


Unless a rifle has been specifically modified to act as a close combat weapon (with a short barrel or folding stock, effectively turning it into a carbine), increase the difficulty to hit a mobile target at Point Blank range to Moderate.


Scale should be applied to starships and vehicles when turning and using maneuvers.

Speeder Bikes

Speeder bikes should be considered character scale.

Starship Explosions

Starships within the same space unit as a starship when it is destroyed take damage equal to the original Hull value (and at the scale) of the destroyed ship.  That damage is reduced by 1D for every additional space unit of distance away.  Capital ships may not evade damage, but may resist it as normal.  Starfighter-scale ships are allowed to make a full reaction roll, adding the total from their successful roll to their total to resist damage.

New Force Powers

Alter Powers


Alter Difficulty: Target’s control or Strength roll, +3 for every 5 meters away from target, line of sight only

Required Powers: Concentration, Telekinesis

Effect: With this power, a Jedi may use the Force to push several adjacent targets backwards, knocking them prone or banging them against a wall. Each target past the first incurs a -1D penalty on the Jedi using the power (i.e., 1 target = no penalty, 2 targets = -1D penalty; 3 targets = -2D penalty; 4 targets = -3D penalty, etc.) Each target makes either a control or Strength roll to resist, and the acting Jedi’s alter roll result is compared to each result in turn to determine the effects. A target that is knocked back into a wall or other solid object takes the damage listed below. If a Jedi kills a living being as a result of this power he immediately receives a Dark Side Point; as such, he may roll less than his full alter score if he so chooses.

Alter Roll >Difficulty: Distance target pushed back / Collision damage

0-5: 2 meters / 2D

6-10: 3 meters / 3D

11-15: 5 meters / 4D

16-20: 10 meters / 5D

21+: 15 meters / 6D

Control Powers


Control Difficulty: Very Easy, modified by distance leapt

Required Powers: Telekinesis

Time to Use: Instantaneous

Effect: The Jedi can leap much higher than normally physically possible by himself a telekinetic “springboard” when leaping.  The difficulty for using this power is Very Easy, with one level added to the difficulty for each 5 meters of distance beyond the first 5.  In other words, a leap of 10 meters has an Easy difficulty, 15 meters is Moderate, 20 meters is Difficult, 25 meters is Very Difficult, and 30 meters is Heroic.  Characters using the Super Leap power use their control dice instead of the jumping skill.  The jumping skill is only used when the Force is not being called into play.

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