Episode I

The campaign begins in Year 33 (2 BBY)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….


It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy.  More and more systems are feeling the subjugation and tyranny of the Empire as it cracks down on distant worlds and enslaves various alien species.

Unknown to most, leaders from Chandrila, Alderaan, and Corellia meet in the Corellian system and sign a treaty, declaring war on the Galactic Empire.  They secretly communicate their plans to operatives all over the galaxy, where deep in the Outer Rim noble Grevin Zorace is encouraged to gather any allies he can to join this Rebellion.

Meanwhile, the frigate True Vision journeys through the Lomdar system, its occupants unaware that they are soon to become very much involved in greater galactic events….

Part 1: Rescue from Slavers

The frigate True Vision is attacked by the pirate yacht Distant Rainbow.  Miraluka information broker Tumarae Zebron and Feeorin mercenary Zren seem outmatched by the attackers, but the freighter Stardancer swoops in and aids them in chasing away the assailants.  The Stardancer, piloted by human drifter Dargin Ordo, also carries human noble Grevin Zorace and Barabel arms dealer Zal “Bishop” Darkscape.  Following a rumor, the two vessels travel to an asteroid in the Jelvor system, where they find an ancient starfighter buried in ice.  They rescue the lone occupant, human Jedi Knight Thorim Sunrider, who awakens and joins them after having been frozen for centuries.  The entire group meets up at the Smuggler’s Moon cantina in the city of Tranndaasar on the planet Kaneer, and Zorace encourages the others to join the newly formed Rebellion against the Empire.  After gathering intelligence, the party storms a nearby cave that night, slaughtering eight alien slavers and rescuing three captive Twi’leks.  Abyssin mercenary Pyammi survives the assault and plans revenge.

Part 2: The Danger of the Hutts

Zebron departs alone for business.  Sunrider surreptitiously starts a bar fight on the planet Lannik, disrupting Bishop’s sale of weaponry to Red Iaro terrorists; shortly after he makes even more credits by selling them to the Rebel Tiree.  When the group arrives in the Si’Klaata Cluster at the far end of Hutt Space, the Night Comet, a small scout vessel, is swiftly eliminated after it attacks the Stardancer.  The True Vision reunites with the others and the two ships land in the dangerous Meirm City on Sriluur.  After being observed by an Imperial agent, the party barely escapes trouble with many Weequay soldiers after asking about Golva the Hutt.  At a local watering hole Zorace recruits criminal henchmen of a different Hutt, Ganis, after the adventurers scare them away from a victim.  The six then raid an Imperial depot on the planet Choona, the Stardancer striking from above as a ground team wipes out the forces inside and absconds with many weapons and records.  Golva discusses the interfering heroes with his Trandoshan henchman Ssarroq.

Part 3: The Treasure of Celis Mott

The sublight drive on the True Vision experiences problems, so the adventurers travel to the planet Peneth for repairs.  Zorace stays with the ship, and as the others leave the docking bay Ordo is surprised by old pal Marka Durn, who cryptically hints of a treasure before dying at their feet.  After driving off attacking pirates, the group visits Durn’s ship, the Deephopper, persuades his astromech droid R2-C9 to assist them, and finds a hidden data disc.  Accompanied by CeeNine, they head back to their ships, shadowed by the pirates.  There they rebuff the dangerous Falleen mercenary captain Xishel, who seeks precious stolen items and claims that Durn was working for him.  The Stardancer journeys into deep space and locates a signal on an asteroid, allowing them to find a chest loaded with treasure.  Following the freighter via a homing beacon, multiple pirate vessels attack, but the heroes are able to outrace and evade their pursuers in the asteroid field.  They remove the tracking device, only to hear a farewell from Xishel as they jump into hyperspace.

Part 4: A New Ship

On Peneth, Zorace returns to the True Vision just as Ssarroq, Pyammi, and many Weequay soldiers arrive.  He warns their Twi’lek allies, allowing them to escape before the ship is surrounded.  The others return and he explains what he has learned from the Alliance.  The Rebellion has only a rag-tag fleet, but has an operative in place that could help them commandeer a nearby corporate ship loaded with medical supplies.  CeeNine flies the Stardancer to a prearranged rendezvous point, and the group, aided by the Rebel spy Darkus Loon, easily boards the Loronar medium transport.  Though escorted by heavy firepower, the vessel has only minimal security inside, and the party swiftly takes them out as they ascend through the planet’s atmosphere.  They jettison the crew in an escape pod and make the jump to lightspeed.  At the meeting place in the Jelvor system, after turning over the supplies and their earlier recovered records, Rebel techs aid them in making modifications to the transport to allow the Stardancer to dock inside.  When the adventurers return to Peneth, the True Vision is gone.

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