Episode IV


A group of adventurers has helped the Rebellion and accomplished many exploits in the Mid and Outer Rim.  They have made both friends and enemies, and have become a major thorn in the side of the Empire, sabotaging and destroying numerous facilities and operations.

Now on Bandomeer, and with the hyperdrive of their capital ship the Safe Haven overhauled, they ready themselves to take on a shipment of salt for a client. 

But little do they realize that the Empire has finally figured out where they are, and has sent a squadron of elite forces to capture or kill them…

Part 1: Ambushed!

Imperial shadow troopers use a smoke grenade to ambush Bishop, Ordo, Sunrider, and Shan as they move through the streets of Bandor. Shan and Ordo dodge for cover, and the troopers focus their fire on the Barabel and the Jedi, who soak and parry away the shots. Shan uses her lightsaber in public for the first time. Casualties are taken on both sides, and Sunrider is incapacitated and Bishop wounded before they finally defeat the enemy. With assistance from Bishop, Ordo executes the squad’s trapped Sergeant. Bishop then confiscates one suit worth of black stormtrooper armor and they rush back to the ship. The heroes blast out of the spaceport on Bandomeer in the Safe Haven, but the Star Destroyers Immortal and Predator move to cut them off. When they attempt to go to lightspeed, nothing happens! Spotting the wreckage of a Loronar medium transport like their own, Ordo disembarks in the Nova Burst, drawing a squadron of TIES into the floating debris. The Star Destroyers lay a barrage of turbolaser fire into the fleeing Safe Haven while Ordo dispatches the TIES one by one. Sunrider uses the Force, but discovers that hyperspace appears to be non-existent! After their vessel takes multiple hits, Zebron detours into the rings of nearby planet Xindor to hide from the Imperial assault. Unable to find adequate cover and with the engines failing, he is forced to land the Safe Haven on the icy planet’s surface. The Nova Burst exits the debris field, but is chased by a waiting second squadron of TIEs. Ordo leads them to Xindor’s surface, eliminating all but one by flying a treacherous obstacle course of canyons and ice formations before destroying the final enemy in a dogfight.  He then rejoins his companions.

Part 2: Mission on Lianna

Probe droids and TIE Scouts hunt for the Rebels as they hide in a cave. While the others assist Ordo in repairing the ship, Sunrider meditates, receiving a vision of small prey eluding a large predator due to distracting weather. Shan discerns that the message is a metaphor, and the group readies for a distraction as Captain Saxon taunts them from the Predator in orbit. Ordo blasts off in the Nova Burst, where from Xindor’s rings he observes TIEs returning to the Star Destroyers. When a solar storm bears down on the Imperial vessels, the heroes take advantage, the Safe Haven breaking for the opposite side of the planet as the Nova Burst draws the enemy’s attention, skirting the edge of the storm. The Safe Haven destroys one TIE Scout and the Nova Burst confounds the bulkier ships; both escape to hyperspace. Ordo and Bishop swap out the Nova Burst for the Stardancer and deliver a shipment of salt to Bandomeer before returning to the others.  After hiding the Save Haven, the party flies to Lianna aboard the Stardancer, emerging at Lola Curich Starport amongst a swarm of Imperial ships. The Empire appears to be searching for something, and Zebron briefly spots an object on sensors before it disappears. Facing a delay of hours, Ordo bluffs his way to a brief stop at the starport in Southwest One across the continent, where they contact Zebron’s Bothan friend, Myn Bess’lya, back at their original destination.  The adventurers fuel up their ship and return, and after much delay finally arrive in Lola Curich, leaving their weapons aboard the Stardancer.  Bishop, Ordo, Shan, Sunrider, and Zebron meet Myn at the starport bar Orman’s Sky Palace and he introduces them to smugglers Jenna Lars and Darren Weeb.  Lars seems friendly to the Alliance and sets up a meet hours later at the Imperial Hotel with Rebel agent Terri Karl.  After they discover electronic bugs in their suite, the Rebels leave with Karl.  She provides them with blasters, they discuss the cloaking shield Santhe/Sienar has made (codenamed project NOVA), and she informs them about a celebration that night for Imperial Advisor Verpalion.  Later, they meet up with her and a young man named Astenn (secretly Kashan Santhe) at Glaggerick’s Tavern.  Together they plan a heist and sabotage at Santhe/Sienar that night, when the building should be nearly empty because of the reception for Verpalion.

Part 3: Corporate Webs

Early that morning the five, armed with codes from employee Astenn, enter the corporate offices. Sunrider gets the team past the security guards in the lobby, but they soon find themselves in a firefight with security droids and humans.  They stun all of the opposition, but one guard escapes to alert reinforcements.  As more security personnel arrive, they race upstairs, swiftly copying and destroying all of the NOVA records.  They also discover evidence on Lady Santhe’s computer that she may be a potential ally, and use a hidden lift behind a false wall in her office to an underground repulsor car to escape the building.  The shuttle deposits them at the Santhe Mansion across town, where they stealth through the remains of the lavish reception for Verpalion.  They bluff their way out the front door, stealing a wealthy partygoer’s speeder.  Two security men chase them on speeder bikes, but Ordo flies at breakneck speed and their pursuers quickly crash.  They give the speeder to a poor citizen, and are returned to the starport by Weeb.  A band of thugs encircles the Stardancer, but immediately flee when those inside the vessel power up the weapons.  They patiently wait a few hours before leaving the system, and soon find that a virus in the NOVA program has completely destroyed each of the datapads it was stored on.  Ordo challenges the others, especially Bishop and Sunrider, to strive for better communication and teamwork.  They rendezvous with the Safe Haven, then hide the larger ship inside an asteroid in the Oseon asteroid belt, for use as a secret base.  The Rebellion sends operatives to meet them, and Captain Willard tells them of the move to a new secret base, prototype starships they are about to acquire (X-wings), and their need for pilots.  Sunrider and Shan commit to the Alliance.  The heroes give the Rebellion ships, droids, a speeder, and some of their personnel (including Void, Nalat, Tiorus, Joora, and Eib) and in return they are given a new modified Corellian YT-1930 freighter.  Dargin Ordo decides to leave with the other Rebels as well, though he stays on to assist for the next three months as they make modifications to their new ship.  A mysterious Mandalorian named “Fixer” also helps with the improvements.

Part 4: Pirates and Partisans

Bishop and Shan, joined by old ally Gordann and others, including Twi’lek Kava Oda and mysterious Unbaran Zendore, play in a sabacc tournament in the Blue Flame on Wevursia while Sunrider and Fixer watch.  A call comes in informing them that nearby pirates ambushed a Rebel transport, murdering the crew, stealing medical supplies and weapons, and scuttling the ship.  Gordann and Oda accompany the adventurers as they fly their new ship to the planet Prexiar.  They take a shuttle down and hike close to the pirate camp, but as they survey the enemy from the jungle they are attacked by a number of predatory velshor.  They easily defeat the beasts, but this alerts the pirates, who rush to protect their payload.  Sunrider cuts a hole in the electrified fence, and the heroes rush in and load up one of the pirate’s cargo skiffs as they draw enemy fire.  They defeat many of the pirates, forcing them to retreat, then damage their corvette and flee with the skiff and recovered cargo. Later, Sunrider explains to Shan that they must separate, as they draw too much attention together; he departs to link up with the Rebellion.  Bishop, Zebron, Shan, Fixer, and gunslinger ally Anthum Bell respond in their new ship, the Starbound Misfit, to a distress call from an ambassador, finding a star yacht surrounded by TIE fighters.  Destroying most of the TIEs, they rescue the three passengers with their shuttle and dodge fire from two pursuing Star Destroyers before escaping to light speed.  Ambassador Kamela’s aide, Vesst, requests passage to Trillium II, to link up with his people, potential Rebel allies.  The group travels there and makes their way to the center of town, where a large administrative building is wracked by explosions.  A squad of mercenaries shoots all that escape the burning structure, civilians and Imperials alike.  The heroes convince leader Vreecha Speigel to have his soldiers stand down, and Bishop and Fixer enter the smoke-filled facility and execute every representative of the Empire.  Outside, Zebron and Shan lend aid to the terrorized citizens who made it out, assisting in establishing their innocence.  After departing, the adventurers learn that Vreecha’s group is known as the Partisans.

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