Episode V

Now well into Year 34 (1 BBY)


After a number of incidents in which their facilities and operations have been sabotaged or disrupted, the Galactic Empire has taken notice of a small band of outlaws and heroes.  The powerful Empire has devoted significant resources to eliminating this group, but to date has been unsuccessful.

To keep their many enemies at bay, these adventurers have rotated and changed personnel and starships, and have allied themselves with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, which grows more organized by the day.  The Rebellion has grown to trust them, and some of the party have officially joined their cause.

Reflecting this loyalty, the team is now welcomed at Base One, the secret Rebel headquarters located in the Massassi temple on the moon Yavin 4.  But the Empire is more determined than ever to find all who oppose them, to swiftly crush them without mercy…

Part 1: Mon Cala

The Starbound Misfit destroys two attacking pirate ships when it arrives in the Yavin system.  The Rebels aboard decide to show mercy to a damaged third vessel, but Bishop blows it away anyway as they depart.  Arriving at Base One, they observe Rebels refurbishing the Massassi Temple ruins that now serve as the secret base of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.  Rebels Shan, Zebron, and Wald (the group’s new Rodian ally) strategize with Commanders Evram Lajaie and Vanden Willard and Captain Micha “Howl” Evon.  Meanwhile, Chief of Alliance Intelligence Airen Cracken and his second in command, General Davits Draven, meet with Bishop, Bell, and Void, and discuss working with their division, which operates more in the shadows.  Each group then gives a mission to their new agents on Mon Cala, and the party flies there.  Though the Empire occupies the Outer Rim planet and maintains a Star Destroyer in orbit, the group easily makes it down to New Coral City.  They overhear a Mon Calamari woman being accosted by a pair of stormtroopers in an alley, and swiftly slay them both and take most of their gear.  They make their way to an aquatic, underwater complex, where they unload their newly acquired weapons and armor to Ishi Tib fence Jund Voon in his jewelry shop Wave Works.  They then head to Fathoms restaurant, where they touch base with its owner, gambler Baydo Chasdy, who is secretly a Rebel agent.  After renting a submersible and traveling to a remote atoll, they clandestinely meet with Mon Calamari operatives Ragab and Ibnir and Quarren Vuhlg.  They are surprised, however, when a squad of stormtroopers with a KX security droid come ashore out of a vehicle and attempt to break things up.  The adventurers swiftly cut down the troopers, but are forced to flee when two AT-AT walkers arrive!  As the group journeys through a tunnel of coral reef underwater, their submersible is snagged by the tentacles of a gigantic krakana more than twice its size!  They fire missiles at the great beast, causing it to release its hold and allowing them to escape.  Returning to the docks of New Coral City by hiding in the shadow of a large fishing trawler, they nearly sneak past a squad of shadow troopers waiting in ambush.  Battle is joined, and the heroes, aided by the unexpected arrival of Fixer, decimate the Imperial troops, forcing many of them to flee.  Bishop takes multiple suits of their black armor.  Blasting out of the spaceport in the Starbound Misfit, they find that there are now two Star Destroyers in orbit, but Zebron utilizes the Force to make a risky jump to hyperspace!  Later, in the Crimson Candle on Galidraan, the adventurers relax by playing sabacc.

Part 2: Lamuir IV

Along with old Rebel ally Dex Tiree and Kaminoan medic Roan Se, the group departs Galidraan.  As they are leaving the system, they are intercepted by the Skipray Blastboat Spiteful, who realize that their operator’s license is a forgery and demand that they surrender.  After initially racing past the smaller gunship, they stand down and allow the Imperial starship to dock with them.  A pair of officers come aboard and are swiftly taken out, and the heroes enter the enemy vessel and slaughter two more Imperial troops there.  Aboard the Starbound Misfit, Roan Se reveals that he is more than just a medic, as he wields a lightsaber and uses the Force to heal one of the injured soldiers.  Commandeering the Blastboat, the adventurers take their stolen craft and captive back to the Rebellion on Yavin IV.  Desperately low on stocks of bacta, the Rebels ask them to undertake a mission to find some via an outlaw smuggler on Lamuir IV.  Fixer, Zebron, Bell, Wald, Se, Bishop, and his new battle droid ZD-15 fly to the Tapani Sector, where the Star Destroyer Gauntlet orbits the planet but allows them to pass.  As they explore the docking bays looking for their contact’s ship, a female voice directs them to Bay 10, where they stumble upon a group of thugs holding a man at gunpoint.  They dispatch all seven of the criminals in a hail of blaster fire and rescue the victim, then take off with him before security arrives.  Realizing that the man they rescued, merchant Coros Telari, is not the man they seek, they flee into the city of Carborl.  Fixer and Zebron separate and hide as Spaceport Security locks down the spaceport.  The others make their way towards an open market, where they are ambushed by bounty hunter Tirog and seven other mercenaries.  After an intense battle, they take down the powerful Wookiee Krrekkastiyakk and Tirog surrenders, agreeing to give up their weaponry and armor.  The adventurers then assist their defeated foes, moving away from the area to avoid law enforcement.

Part 3: The Mecetti File

Continuing to evade security forces, the group meets back up with Zebron and Fixer, and Se and Fixer then escort Telari to safety.  The rest make their way to seedy establishments around the city, where at each they are given new names at other locales.  After a few hours of being stonewalled, the party begins using intimidation instead of bribing contacts.  Finally losing patience, Wald executes human hostel manager Japhod Ngaric in the offices of Frrlin, a Mrlssti commercial investigator.  Frrlin then gives them the comlink frequency of their skittish smuggler target, Trel Modetto, who reluctantly agrees to meet the adventurers at the Hungry Herglic diner.  As they begin talking to some patrons inside, a group of ten thugs (from House Mecetti) eliminate the pair they are talking to and then shoot at them!  The two sides exchange blaster fire, with Bishop beginning to become overwhelmed as the enemy surrounds him just outside the entrance.  Suddenly a woman and a half-dozen of her allies ambush the Mecetti attackers and help the team eliminate all but one, whom they take with them as they flee the area.  The woman introduces herself as Janna Pallask of House Pelagia and confesses that she was the one who routed them to Docking Bay 10, to rescue “Telari” (actually a Pelagia undercover operative).  She agrees to help them clear their name if they will help retrieve a file hidden aboard “Telari’s” vessel. ZD-15 malfunctions, so Bishop disassembles the droid.  Citizens eye the group warily as they travel to a Pelagia station in a rougher part of town.  When Pallask and the four leave on their mission early the next morning, they discover a holographic warning showing the visitors are wanted.  Later, an energy screen pops up in front of them, blocking their way between buildings and debris.  A sniper rains fire down upon them with a machinegun, but they dive for cover and survive the surprise assault!  Bishop flies up and takes out the mercenary as the others deal with another who leaps down from above and more who fire on them from the way they came.  When the tide turns against the attackers, they flee.  Darkscape uses his jetpack to leap the energy wall and corral Jawa Krinzank.  The merchant reveals that they were sent by Frrlin, so the pair fake an elaborate holovid showing the adventurers as being killed.  Pallask sneaks them into the spaceport through a maintenance tunnel via a secret entrance, where they easily take out three Mecetti thugs attempting to get into “Telari’s” ship.  They recover the datafile and turn it over to their new allies with House Pelagia.  When they get back to their ship, they find Inquisitor Jerec and his bodyguard Tagora waiting for them!